Quote of the Day

remember who you were when

If you’re feeling battle weary

If you feel you can’t go on

If you feel your heart is breaking

And your few reserves are gone

Close your eyes

Forget the future

Let the pressure dissipate

All that matters is this moment

You’ve survived

And you are strong.

18 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      • I also close my eyes when I am speaking to someone on the telephone ( as long as I am sitting in a safe place ). With using only my auditory sense, I can listen better to the subtle clues that people deliver through their patterns of speech, their tone of voice, and their confidence level. Phone communication, for me, is the most challenging of communication forms. 🤗

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  1. Just read this and interesting — I had just written to you about surviving in my blog. Synchronicity. Honoring my survival and strength is helping me get through this month. March is the major trauma anniversary, but it extended into April and May. I feel like I am vibrating inside (that’s one of my trauma symptoms). Today, I have plans to go to Canada (just hop across the bridge in our little village). Walk around NOTL, procure some wonderful sauces and dressings from a great shop there, gaze at the mighty Niagara River from the other direction as it empties into Lake Ontario, and have a bite to eat. Hope that will help calm my body. Water is a great source for calming me.

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    • Yes, we both talked of survival! Thinking of you. You’re right – there is the initial trauma and then all the reverberating traumas. It’s very difficult to see those months on the calendar. I hope you found gazing on Niagara therapeutic and calming. x

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