Ditching the Emotional Baggage

“Ditch your emotional baggage, and just be.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it. And, honestly, isn’t that what we’d all love to do. But these peoples don’t go on to lay out a plan of how you can quickly to get rid of the baggage.

Because there is no easy way. It doesn’t happen “just like that”.

You’re dealing with layers in the subconscious mind.  

You’re dealing with what feels like a mystery. For the reactions you have are often shocking and surprising. They seem to defy reason. They feel outside your control.

And learning what they mean, and how to heal, and then move on, is a massive exercise. It can take you years and years.

So the next time you hear something trite and superficial … Give yourself a break. And don’t pressurize yourself. You’ve probably come further that you realize right now.   

And if your mind and your will want to get free, and to heal, you can trust your heart to lead you.

It is going to take you there.     

14 thoughts on “Ditching the Emotional Baggage

  1. Yes, I could not agree more! I remember when I went for counseling in my 30s and I soon thought that I was “done”. Haha how wrong could I have been! It takes years to peel that onion and a life time to work it out. It has only been because of my heart that I could have followed the path to where I am now.
    I must say I have always felt a little sceptical about a process that offers “instant answers/healing” ~mainly they produce fruits of disappointment and scepticism. Have a great day.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, and share from your personal experience. I think we all expect to there to be quick solutions if we’ll just work on tough things we’ve gone through. But, as you say, it isn’t really like that. We get some understanding, and make some progress, but the effects of our past affect us for years. Have a great day, too 🙂

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  2. There are two things that speed things up at least for me, though I have such a long road to go… It’s a very long road 🛣️ very long, so if I can get a pass on specific issues when I have soooo much baggage 🛅🛅🛅🛅 I’ll take it: unconditional love both loving and being loved and pain past my limit.. my limit is very high

    the unconditional love I was privileged to experience once in my life by my children and bestest friend,

    The excruciating pain and grief I had no choice but to go through because of my choices in life. I didn’t know any of this until I lost everything precious to me. And until I experienced that love which pointed me to Jesus. Christ saved me… So I guess I have two bestest friends

    I learned the hard way and the good way


    • Sometimes the pain create baggage. So fix one thing create another. But other is less painful than the past limit one.


  3. Well said! For each of us, ditching the emotional baggage follows a different game plan. Peeling away the layers isn’t as simple as peeling an onion, and it will likely bring more tears.


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