What is your Querencia?

Querencia is a Spanish bull fighting term. It’s that place in the ring where the bull feels strong, steadied, safe and powerful.

Of course, the bull isn’t aware of this place right away.

Instead, it starts to take shape very slowly in his brain as the fight progresses, and he gets a feel for things.

However, once he has found this position, everything changes.

The bull feels in control of himself. In control of his opponent. And in control of his situation. This is when the bull is at his most dangerous.

Surprising, isn’t it.

At the point where you’d expect the bull to be overcome by fear, he actually experiences a strange sense of peace, and an inner confidence where he’s most himself.

This isn’t something you would expect to see in a bull ring. At a place where the stakes are incredibly high. At a place where the stakes are, in fact, life and death.

But there you have it ….

In human terms, querencia has been described as being a safe, quiet place of inner calm. A place we can draw our strength and courage from.

It’s that place where we’re in touch with our authentic self. A place where, at least temporarily, we are able to detach from the world, and connect with who we are.

Naturally, this place is very different for each person; and we may not even be aware of where it is, until we’re in the midst of a trauma or a crisis.

So let me ask you … What is your querencia?

Where is your safe place? Where do you go to connect to yourself? Where do you go to experience inner silence? Where do you go to gather your resources?

Perhaps it is the mountains, or a path in the forest.

Perhaps it isn’t a specific place at all.

Perhaps it is withdrawing with a book or magazine.

Perhaps it is withdrawing to pray or meditate.

The important thing is knowing what it is for you.

And consciously retreating there when life feels bleak or tough.   

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