Listen to your Fears

Become intimate with your fears. Listen to them. Sit crossed-legged with them. Give them your undivided attention. Offer them comfort. Offer them rest.” – Nayyirah Waheed

Why should we pay attention to our fears?

Because they are trying to warn us.

Because they are trying to protect us.

Because they have our best interests in mind.

Because they don’t want us to suffer, or be harmed.

Because there were times when we ignored them in the past … and look at the heartache and the havoc that has caused.

Because we need to think about the things that could go wrong.

Because our own well-being is their focus and concern.

So notice – pay attention – to the niggles and the fears

And listen to your worries; don’t suppress anxieties.

Then thank them for their voice, for their insistence, and their care.

And let them know: you’re always going to take them seriously.  

12 thoughts on “Listen to your Fears

  1. I work a lot with my fears. Fear can be a warning. I don’t think it’s that way for me. Fear is more of an effect from the unknown and uncertainty of my health. I can’t let it control me. Fear loses power when you face it.

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    • Fear of uncertainty and the unknown is very powerful. I experience that at times and it really grips your heart. I can imagine it is multiplied for you. You seem extremely courageous and strong to me. Thank you for affirming that fear loses its power when we face it. I think we’re all afraid that this might not be true … I really appreciate your input.


  2. This is wise advice. Women are taught by society not to trust their judgment. The classic format for novels directed toward a female audience is “boy meets girl; boy loses girl; boy gets girl”. More often than not the fact “boy loses girl” is attributed to misunderstanding on the girl’s part.

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  3. Oh, I should have read further. I commented on an earlier post how hard it’s been for me to calm down enough to actually welcome fear when it comes. The last time it happened, I was attempting a big mountain. The fear would not leave until I finally welcomed it in. Only then did it subside. Shortly after, my husband started suffering intense chest pains. We had to turn around, and he went for a lot of tests. Sometimes the fear is not for me, and that was a big lesson.


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