Everyone has heard of the word eureka. That sudden, unexpected insight into a tough problem.

Finding the solution that has always seemed elusive. The magic missing piece that changes how we look at things.  

Eureka’s been attributed to Archimedes, a leading scientist in classical antiquity. But did you also know Eureka’s California’s motto? I guess they used to shout it when the diggers found some gold.

An Aha! moment

In daily life, we often talk about an Aha! moment. That wonderful experience when the scales fall from our eyes. The lightbulb flashes on and what was murky fog, or darkness, now suddenly makes sense and seems quite clear and obvious.

The Brain and Trauma

Our brain is changed by trauma. We become a different person. We’re on a roller coaster and we’re triggered constantly. We struggle with anxiety. Our sleep is often broken. We’re always sensing danger, and we’re hypervigilant.

We find it hard to trust, and we feel lost and isolated. We cannot trust our judgment, and we think we’ll be deceived. Our self-esteem’s been damaged and we think we have no value.

We’ve lost our map and compass for a balanced, normal life.

Is There an Answer or a Remedy?

I wish there was an answer, a straightforward quick solution. A sharp click of the fingers. A eureka, Aha! moment.

Yes, there are bursts of insight, and occasional moves forward. But often we feel stuck, and thus unable to move on.

Coming Face-to-Face with Reality

The fact is, Aha! moments are unusual and uncommon.

But you can make real progress, and recover over time.

It takes great perseverance – but it’s worth the work and effort.

For bit by you’ll start to heal, and find yourself again.

“Recovery is a process. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes everything you’ve got.”    

16 thoughts on “Eureka?

  1. Yes, it takes time! When I started therapy last year, flashbacks came, new memories, and it got worse, but it was a part of healing. I had to face the past to grow into the healthier version of myself today. I’m still growing, praise God for healing of my head and heart. It hurts, but yes, no quick fix. Time, patience, and perseverance.

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    • Thanks for sharing from your experience Amber. Yes, it almost always gets worse (and sometimes worse for a long time) before we start to feel better. But if we push through the pain we end up a newer, healthy version of ourselves. Saying that, I’m sorry this was your experience. It’s not what you deserved.

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