Quote of the Day

We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.

And we do.

We keep putting one step in front of another.

We keep on walking through the darkness and the pain.

We keep on going for we won’t let this defeat us.

This isn’t going to break us.

We are going to live again.

Quote of the Day

“I am the one who talks to me in my darkest moments. I’m the only one who really knows my deepest fears and pains, and the inner turmoil I have suffered. I’m the one with the power to put myself down or build myself up with my inner self talk. Other people can support, hold, love, encourage, guide and teach me but I am still the most important person who can make the choice to always love and be there for me – and I will.

I’ll be there for me.”

Unknown Author

Keep Fighting

This is for the ones who are struggling right now. This is for the ones who have been having a rough day, or week, or year. The ones who feel like this storm will never end. Keep fighting for YOU. Not for your friends, not for your family, but for YOU.

Keep fighting because deep down you hold a tiny voice that you were meant for far more than this sadness and pain you are feeling.

Keep fighting because the person you will be on the other side of all of this is cheering for you so much.

Keep fighting because you will get there.

And it will be worth it.”

– Nikki Banas

I want you to know it will be worth it.

I want you to know that YOU are worth it.

Keep on believing as an act of self-love.

Keep on fighting as an act of self-care.

You will turn a corner and you’ll find your life has changed.

It is absolutely worth it.

You will get there in the end.

Quote of the Day

“She distanced herself to save herself.”

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to put some distance between ourselves and others. This is especially true when we’ve experienced a trauma, or we’re dealing with a crisis of enormous proportions.

We need to step back from our life and, maybe, give ourselves a break as we haven’t got the strength to explain ourselves to others.

And we haven’t got the energy to deal with all that judgment. All the questions, and the comments, and the whispers, and the looks.  

We don’t want to deal with people.

We just want to be alone.

We want to curl up in a ball.

We want the world to go away.

We don’t need that extra stress. It is hard enough to cope with the heartbreak, and the sorrow, and the mess – that is our life.

So, really, this is not the time to be out there in the world.

Taking questions.

Giving answers.

Being scrutinized and watched.

We can’t worry about others.

No, we mustn’t.

No, we can’t.

It is time to close the shutters, and to focus on ourselves.    

Quote of the Day

learn to be ok with people not knowing your side of the story

Learn to be OK with people not knowing your side of the story. You have nothing to prove to anyone.”

This is an important lesson to learn …

Not everyone will want to know the truth.

Not everyone will care, or understand.

There are plenty who are jealous, who see you as a threat.

They’d love to see you suffer; and they’d love things to go wrong.

So it doesn’t matter really matter if they “get it”, or they don’t.

Their viewpoints and opinions should remain irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is to take care of yourself

And shield yourself from people who have zero empathy.

Quote of the Day

a sign of progress is

A sign of progress is noticing your mind is turbulent, and not trusting how you see yourself during that time.”

I think this quote kind of says it all.

When we’re in the midst of a surge of emotion, we know for a fact that we’re not in our right mind.  We know it’s highly likely that we’ll over-react, and our view of reality is going to be warped.

So this is really not the time to reflect on our life – because we can’t be objective when our brain’s on overdrive.

And it’s also not the time to analyze ourselves – as we’ll likely to be harsh, cruel, and hyper-critical.

Tomorrow we’ll feel different.

We can trust ourselves tomorrow.

But for now, we need to step back, hit “pause”, and disengage.

A Handful of Dust

I was holding into nothing

How often do we struggle with letting go when all we’re hanging onto is a fantasy?

We had a picture in our head of how life ought to be, and we couldn’t bear to say “This is not my life.

I really wish it was your life. I wish the fantasy was true. But if it’s just a lie, there’s no substance there at all.

It is better to be real, and to face up to the truth.

You’ll make it. You’ll survive. And you’ll build a solid life.

A life where you are happy, are wanted, and are free.

Quote of the Day

you never really know

All of us have been there – at the end of our rope.

We’ve felt completed gutted and devoid of hope.

The facts have been too painful. We cannot believe they’re true.

Our life’s in shreds and tatters. We have zero energy.

We feel lost and abandoned, isolated in our grief.

There’s no point in explaining. This is way too big for words.


But then – into the blackness – comes a fragile ray of light

We hear a few kind words, and we are taken by surprise.

Their gentleness is soothing. Gosh, it makes us want to weep.

This kindness is a balm. It’s like a salve on those raw wounds.


We often underestimate the impact we can have.

A gentle word, a smile, a warm and understanding look.

And, yet, we also know that these have pulled us from the edge,

Restored our broken spirit and revived our will to fight.

Quote of the Day

Often, we hide our heartbreak from the world. The shock, desolation and sorrow that we feel. We’re in survival mode. Yet we make it through the day. Before we fall apart. Face another sleepless night.

We carry it alone. Act as if our life’s the same. We’re barely functioning. It is so hard to go on.

not all wounds are visible walk gently.PNG