Quote of the Day

you never really know

All of us have been there – at the end of our rope.

We’ve felt completed gutted and devoid of hope.

The facts have been too painful. We cannot believe they’re true.

Our life’s in shreds and tatters. We have zero energy.

We feel lost and abandoned, isolated in our grief.

There’s no point in explaining. This is way too big for words.


But then – into the blackness – comes a fragile ray of light

We hear a few kind words, and we are taken by surprise.

Their gentleness is soothing. Gosh, it makes us want to weep.

This kindness is a balm. It’s like a salve on those raw wounds.


We often underestimate the impact we can have.

A gentle word, a smile, a warm and understanding look.

And, yet, we also know that these have pulled us from the edge,

Restored our broken spirit and revived our will to fight.