Quote of the Day

Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.”

Isn’t this a beautiful way to honour the people who touched your life – but who are no longer with us.


18 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      • I’m glad you are well, Ann. I am not so good as I am suffering from acute and severe pain following a tooth extraction that damaged the nerve. I have to take powerful painkillers to help with the pain, although, even with these, I am still in great pain. The dentist said the pain could last months! Also, the numbness in my lip and chin could be permanent because of the nerve damage. As you can imagine, I’m really not happy about this situation 😌 Xx.


  1. When my paternal gramma died what hurt me the most was that so many people never got the chance to observe how amazing she was and I could never again speak of her legacy cause the proof had passed on. So I thought I should try to extend her legacy through me and try to be like her. Years later I can’t do her justice but I’m a lot closer than I ever expected to get. RiP gramma.

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