In Honour of Anyone who has Ever Loved an Addict

If you are lucky enough to not understand addiction, then good for you. I hope you never have to. I hope you never see someone you love disappear before your eyes, while standing right in front of you. I hope you never have to lie awake all night praying the phone doesn’t ring, yet hoping it does at the same time. I hope you never know the feeling of doing everything you thought was right and still watch everything go wrong. I hope you never have to grieve the loss of someone who is still alive.

I hope you never love an addict.

I hope you never know what it means to live afraid of yourself. To never trust yourself. To fight a raging war inside your own mind ever single moment of every single day. To feel unwanted and unworthy. To live ashamed, condemned, and with suffocating guilt. To NEED something that you know is destroying you and to do anything for it. To trade yourself, your life, your soul, and still end up broken and alone. To give up everything and everyone you had. To have NO answers. To always question. To have no choice yet have to choose to fight your battle.

You are lucky not to understand.” – Unknown

The repercussions of living with addiction – both for the addict, and for those people who love them most – is absolutely devastating.

If you feel that this relates to you, then know that we know that the heartbreak is real.

You are living out a nightmare in your everyday life.


11 thoughts on “In Honour of Anyone who has Ever Loved an Addict

  1. I am an addict that is currently active in my addiction. I have a boyfriend I live with that is also an addict in active addiction. I know what it is like to live with it personally and live with another addict. Both are extremely exhausting. Honestly, I cant recall ever feeling so tired.


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