Yes, I Can

If you feel you can’t go on, and you can’t face another day, with everything within you please cling onto this truth: A few weeks ago, or a few months ago, or maybe even a year or two ago, you felt just the same as you do right now.

Your resources had run out, and you had nothing else to give. You felt it was too hard. You’d reached the end of your rope.

And, yet, a few weeks ago, or a few months ago, or maybe even a year or two ago, you struggled through the darkness, and you did make it through.

You managed to keep going.

You managed to survive.

You got up in the morning, and you pushed through all the pain.

It’s true: you were a mess. You don’t know how on earth you coped.

And, yet, somehow you did.

Somehow you found a way to cope.

With everything within you, you held fast to that hope. You fought to find the courage to somehow save yourself.

So if today is truly awful, and the clouds are dark and thick, remember you found courage when you felt like this before.

You have the strength to make it.

There’s reason still to hope.

The future will be better.

Please hold on to that hope.

“Defy that voice within you that tells you it won’t get better.” – Unknown


17 thoughts on “Yes, I Can

  1. I liked the choice of artwork for this piece, the blurred lens really speaks to the process that happens to some us during depression, vision becomes less clear as sadness takes hold, and kind words can gut through that and clear the way!

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  2. I keep a list on my phone of all the difficult things God has helped me through. I also note the major accomplishments I’ve completed with His assistance. Knowing EVERYTHING doesn’t depend on me helps me choose hope every day. Admittedly, some days are better than others. Blessings to you!

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  3. It’s so good for the soul to remember all God has done – not only the obvious blessings, but the way He has brought us through the hardest times. And to tell someone those stories is even better. You’re encouraging them and (because you’re hearing it, too) yourself. 😉👍

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