Thank you for Being There

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the lon

Being part of a group of betrayed partners and spouses was nothing I envisioned in a million years. For who of us expects to be betrayed by their spouse, or expects to be married to a sex addict?

It’s not the kind of thing you ever think, or dream, about. And it’s not the kind of thing you really want to talk about.

In fact, you think you must be starring in some other person’s life for you simply can’t believe that this is happening to you. It’s scary, and it’s crazy, and it cuts you to the heart. And that’s why it’s so important to encounter wives like you.

A community of women who are walking this road, too. A group of shell-shocked women who can get what you’re going through. It soon becomes a life-line for these women understand. There’s no need to explain things: it is obvious to them.  

You can feel the deep compassion … for you know they’ve struggled, too. They’ve also asked those questions, and they know PTSD.

For we’re all disorientated. We all wish that it would end. We all fight with intense feelings. We all hate what we’ve been through.

But there’s also strength and hope from those who’re further down the road. They’re real about the trauma. They don’t hide what it’s been like. You know they’ve had their lows, and they’ve been desperate just like you. But they’ve survived; they’ve made it.

Does that mean there’s hope for you?  

So, thank you to each woman who has opened up and shared.

We’re thankful you’re there for us.

Now we know we’re not alone. 

10 thoughts on “Thank you for Being There

  1. Your blog has meant a lot to me since I started following. Every word has cut to the core of me because I have been through it. And the hope you hold out lifts me up tremendously knowing I can and will get over this. You are a godsend. Thank you. May the rest of your year be marvelous. God bless you. 💕

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    • Your words mean a lot Therese. I’m glad what I’ve written here has helped you in some small way. And thank you for adding your comments along the way. We are all helped, supported and encouraged when others add from their experience. You are a blessing. Thank you Wishing you joy, happiness and peace.

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  2. And a few of us men have also benefited from the discussion. Betrayal trauma isn’t exclusive to one sex or set of circumstances. But I am simply happy to sit in the back of the room with a bunch of girls. I do it all the time as an elementary teacher.😊

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  3. There is such tremendous support here in the blogosphere. It’s truly amazing. I remember wanting to curl into a ball and die after I learned about my husband’s betrayal and sex addiction. Then I wanted to keep it all to myself because I thought I might die from the shame. Sharing here though brought me into the fold of this wonderful support network. It has been an amazing blessing to me, and you have been one of those generous folks. Thank you for that. ❤️

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    • And thank you for the encouragement.
      We need each other. We absolutely do.
      We need to know we are not alone, and to feel there are people who understand. Just knowing there is someone who is going through/ has gone through something that has turned our world upside down can literally be a life-saver at times. Thank you for sharing from your own experience, and being a lifeline and support to others. You have no idea how much a difference it makes!!!

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