Quote of the Day

You have no idea how easy it is to fall back into the darkness.” – Unknown

Triggers and feelings can be powerful and intense. They immediately transport us to a dark and painful place. With no effort on our part, we are back in the abyss.

And it’s so utterly exhausting to keep battling the night.

But within you there’s a strength. You can do this one more time.


10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. This is what terrifies me, Ann. I’m trying sooo hard to be more positive, even though my therapy ended, and it’s not easy to keep up all the time. I’m writing more positive poetry on my blog to keep my mindset more positive. Sometimes, as you say, something will trigger me, or negative thoughts will flood my brain, and I just want to scream, which I’ve never been able to do, or I want to take some of the few Diazepam I have left to calm my mind. I try not to, as the doctor is cutting them down as I’ve been on them for a few weeks now, and I know how addictive they are. Sometimes, I’m so fearful of falling back into the mire that I don’t know what to do with myself, and I feel that I can’t survive what I’m feeling. Thank you for that last line, reminding me I have the strength and can do this one more time. Xx 💗


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