Hope in the Midst of Despair

There comes a point when it all becomes too much. When we get too tired to fight anymore, so we give up. That’s when the real work begins. To find hope when there seems to be absolutely none at all.” – Grey’s Anatomy

One day it will be different. One day you will be able to look back and see that life has changed, and you’ve been able to move on. Maybe just a little, but enough to make a difference.

It might not feel like it just now. I get that. Because I have been there too.

I have been in the place where I’ve given up on hope.

Because it seemed there was no basis for hope.

Because I was far too broken to hope.

Because hope seemed like a crazy idea.

I have been there … so I get why you can’t believe, even although you wish you could believe.

Right now, you might be going through something so unbelievably painful that you can hardly get out of bed in the morning.

Something which has stopped you dead in your tracks. Something that’s far too heavy to cope with.

Something that stops you thinking. Stops you feeling. Stops you planning. Stops you living.

I get that. It’s a terrible place to be.    

It’s a place of profound darkness. Inconsolable sorrow. Deep despair.

But you won’t be stuck here forever. I promise you that. Even if it’s hard to believe right now.

Things are going to turn around. Just a little. Eventually.

Please hang in there. Don’t give up hope.

You are going to heal. You will find that spark again.


19 thoughts on “Hope in the Midst of Despair

  1. Having spent Christmas Day totally alone and feeling very miserable and depressed, I had a better day on Boxing Day when my son and the children came and then on Tuesday when my daughter and family came. It was lovely to see them all. However, today, I’ve come down with a big bump, which has worsened as the day wears on. It’s the sixth anniversary of my Mum’s passing, and realising how much I miss her still. On top of that, I’m counting down the days that I have left before my final counselling session on the 4th of January. I’m so scared of being without support, especially as I’m in the middle of trying to cope with some really tough stuff. I feel like something awful is going to happen, and I can’t imagine how I’m going to get through this. Sorry to be such a pessimist, Ann. Xx 💜


    • I’m glad you had a good time on Boxing Day with your family. Those are good memories to hold onto – not just for you but for your children and grandchildren, too. It’s understandable to be dreading your last session with your counsellor ….

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      • Thank you, Ann. It was a lovely couple of days. I’ve only ever seen my two older granddaughters (16 and 13) about once or twice a year since they’ve been born. I hardly know them, really, and I get the impression that they don’t feel all that comfortable with me, either, although I always make them feel very welcome. My ‘little ones’ come more often, so I have a very different relationship with them. I am very blessed with this.

        It’s only four days before my last counselling session. I’m almost counting down the hours now and am totally terrified. I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye forever to her, and it’s going to be hard to even walk out of the building. Sorry for going on about this again. It’s the main thing that’s happening in my life at the moment. Thank you for ‘listening’ and responding – it means a lot to me and is very much appreciated. Xx 💐💓🌷

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  2. “Someday when I’m queen, things will be different!” One of my college professors used to say this–when faced with disappointment or disillusionment. I’ve since adopted this saying for myself. To paraphrase Russell Crowe in the movie gladiator: “Tragedy smiles at at all, and all we can do is smile back.”

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