Quote of the Day

For anyone who’s lost someone they loved …

On the days when you miss someone the most, remember how they loved you, and do that for yourself. In their name. In their honour. Love yourself as they did. They would like that. They would like that very much indeed.” – Donna Ashworth  


8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Thank you for this timely quote, Ann. I particularly appreciate it because it’s the anniversary of my Mum’s passing (six years ago) on the 30th of December. I miss her a lot, especially at Christmas time. Her birthday was on the 9th of January, so both dates are quite close to each other. Thanks again. I hope you are well and that you’ve had a good Christmas. Xx 💓💕💓


      • Thank you, Ann. I did have a good relationship with my Mum, not so much as a child, but certainly as an adult. I miss her terribly, but will always remember how much she did for me and that she loved me during a very long period of really bad mental health. She was the only person there for me 100% during that time. I’ll always value that. Xx 💖

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