The Reflection in the Mirror


This beautiful word in the Zulu language captures so much more than the word hello. Behind the greeting is the powerful message:

“I see you, and by seeing you, I bring you into being.”

And for me, this loving greeting begs the fundamental questions (questions that I think we all should ask ourselves):

“Do I see myself? Do I really see myself? What do I see when I turn my eyes on me?”

Answering those Questions

1. If you’ve been truly loved and valued – the way you should have been – then perhaps you see the beauty and the gifts that you possess. You know you are important. That you should be listened to. Your viewpoints are worth hearing. People take you seriously.

Yes, you have so much to offer. Take those opportunities. You’re bound to be successful. Doors will open up for you.

And someone’s going to love you, for you’re worthy of true love. You’re pretty and you’re funny. People want to be with you.

2. But if you’ve been abandoned, or rejected, or mistreated, perhaps your view is different; it’s distorted in some way. And the petals that were opening have shut tight in self-protection. They cannot thrive and blossom in the darkness and cold air.

And there’s things that you’re ashamed of. You might think you have no value. There’s parts that you keep hidden. You’ve been criticized and judged.

And those lies are so destructive. They have killed your self-compassion. You now believe their message and you cannot see your worth.

Who are You Really?

But you’re not that individual.

You are beautiful and precious.

Your value? You are priceless.  

Can you see this in yourself?

And this woman, she is strong for she’s survived some hellish moments. She dealt with pain and heartache but she’s fought through, and survived.

Yes, this woman is amazing.

She has character and courage. She’s brave and independent. A role model for us all.

And her spirit’s strong and healthy. Storms and trials don’t defeat her.

Can you see her? Really see her?

For this woman, she is you.   



6 thoughts on “The Reflection in the Mirror

  1. Sawubona…. is one of the first concepts that I learned about when I went for counseling and faced myself. It is such a beautiful way to value oneself too.
    I wrote this this morning to someone …
    “To behold ourselves in full glory with no shame or blame, not just accepting but valuing all the pieces that make up our beautiful mosaic…. is such an act of respect of self”. We behold ourselves in the Reflection in the Mirror. Thank you for your reflection (both meanings) 🌈💕💐

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  2. I am the person GOD says I am – the person He created me to be. For many years I believed the warped image I saw when I looked in the mirror and defined myself. Thank God He got me past my self-condemnation and let me know that, yes, I was a sinner not worthy to have Him die for me, but HE DID, so I must be worth an awful lot. As long as I look to Him, I won’t fall victim to anyone else’s definition of me – including mine.

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