How to Boost your Emotional Wellness

If you want to boost your emotional health then build the following into your life:

1. Develop a good group of friends. If possible, try to have a wide group of friends. Then, if someone moves away, or you change your work or hobbies, you’ll still have a healthy support system in place.

2. Learn to appreciate solitude. Isolation isn’t the same as solitude. Isolation is being cut off from others for negative reasons; solitude is enjoying space and time for yourself. It allows you to recharge your batteries.

3. Invest time in getting fit. People who are fit and healthy generally feel better about themselves. Also, exercise releases feel-good hormones so we feel happier, more optimistic and relaxed.

4. Allow yourself to goof off and have a laugh. Too much work will drain your energy. And we all benefit from letting our hair down.

5. Discover your passion and invest time in that. We all have something that brings us alive, and seems to resonate with who we are inside. Find things that so this for you.

6. Plan for difficulties and problems. We all encounter problems and hard times in this life. Expecting that to happen helps us feel more in control.

7. Work on increasing your self-awareness. If we can learn about ourselves, and our natural tendencies, we can learn to master weaknesses, and work to change and grow.

8. Be willing to take risks. Though it’s hard to step out into unknown territory, you’ll find it’s more rewarding to stretch yourself, and grow.

9. Watch out for energy vampires. There are people who tend to drain your time and energy. Learn to practice self-care by having healthy boundaries.

10. Ask for help when you need it. We all need support and encouragement at times. Also, offer help to others when their life is difficult.

“Life is about balance. Be kind – but don’t let people abuse you. Trust – but don’t be deceived. Be content – but never stop improving yourself.”


14 thoughts on “How to Boost your Emotional Wellness

  1. Yes, this is a good read, your posts always are.
    Numbers 6, 7, and 9 particularly stick out to me.
    I learned about energy vampires from the book, “The Energy Bus.”🚌
    Are the fall leaves in full color where you live? I’m guessing they are.


    Liked by 1 person

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