Quote of the Day

More long walks. More good books. More music. More sunsets. More holding hands. More cuddles. More road trips. More honouring your heart. More being nice to yourself. More laughter. More fun in the moment. More beach. More forest. More memories. More of what brings peace to your life. More of what brings inspiration. More of what makes you feel loved and not alone. Focus on that today.”   

– butterfliesandpebbles


29 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      • Whoops! Sorry Ann. This wasn’t flagged in my comments and just saw it now.
        I can get you a Strava link for it if you like. It starts/ends on Highway 549. This road now has narrow spots after the repaving, especially on this one super steep hill. Avoid on weekends, especially Saturday as people are taking 549 to the Millarville market.

        I can recommend two different routes. One is Nanton to Chain Lakes. Gorgeous road, with similar elevation gain as Highwood Pass.

        The other is a loop I just did from Okotoks to Nanton on the back roads, then came back for a ways on Highway 22. Loved it! I can send you my strava link.

        Let me know, Alisen


      • This is extremely helpful Alisen. We had planned on doing this route on Fathers’ Day but delayed because of thunderstorms in the forecast. It sounds like the weekend would have been a really bad idea anyway! I’m also not keen on the narrow spots. Thank you for highlighting that potential concern. I really appreciate your input.
        Yes, I would be interested in having the strava links to the other rides you suggest. Richard and I did the Drumheller/ Horsethief Canyon loop the other week (fabulous), and also the 1A from Banff to Johnston Canyon. This weekend we’re adding the Legacy Trail to the 1A ride, and going on to Castle Mountain. It’s a good one 🙂
        As an aside … Have you (or anyone you know) hiked Burstall Pass this year? Alltrails doesn’t comment on any snow so I’m guessing the path is essentially clear.
        Thanks again for being such a great source!!!


      • To be honest, I have not ridden the 549 since it was paved due to the narrowing, and my acreage is off the 549 so I used to ride it a lot. A bit disappointing because we waited like 20+ years for it to get paved.

        I will see if I can send you those two rides via messenger.

        Nanton – Chain Lakes: avoid Fridays and Sundays because the camping trailers are coming/going on that road to hit highway 22 down to Fernie, etc.

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      • That is annoying. I would hate to have a favourite ride near home that it was no longer safe to ride. But safety is very important to me, as I know it is to you. I know an experienced cyclist who was killed cycling between lake Louise and Banff on Highway 1 (a while ago now). It completely put me off riding on roads! Thanks for offering to send those strava links. Let me know if you encounter a problem.

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      • I am so sorry to hear about your friend passing on that road. A friend of my in-laws also died on that highway. Maybe we are thinking of the same person? Hans Gmoser?


      • How was Drumheller??? I’m doing the Fondo there this Saturday. I see there are some 11% grade hills… sigh 😅

        So lucky you did the Bow Valley. I’ll have to wait until September now.

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      • It was GREAT. We did it on a weekday so the road was quiet. We only passed 2 cars in total on the canyon stretch, and we were the only people on the ferry. Yes, that hill after the ferry is a little bit tiring (we did the loop anticlockwise). Have a fantastic time on Saturday. I read about the Fondo. It’s sounds like a blast 😊

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      • Alright! Nicely done! I’ve wanted to cycle Drum for years but just didn’t make it happen. A friend organized the fondo so it was a great excuse to finally get out there.

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      • Sorry – Burstall is still snowbound and there an avalanche path on the way. It’s a short 4 hour hike, so wait till July as that marsh can be miserable when too wet.

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