Quote of the Day

I’m so tired of the narrative that trauma makes you tough. We are survivors, not superheroes.” – Jules Rylan

The fact is: trauma turns your whole life upside down. You’re simply not the person that you were before this happened.

And often you will find that you are fighting intense battles against shame and self-hatred. Against sadness, shock and grief.

You’ll have Ok days … and you’ll have days when you can’t function.

You’ll have days when you will feel crazy, or you cannot face the world.

You’ll have days when you can’t think, or plan, or make rational decisions … then days when you feel fine, and you can cope with life again.

This is absolutely normal – for you’re on a roller coaster – and recovering from trauma is a nightmare. Such hard work.

It drains all your resources, and it feels so unrelenting

The fact is, it’s exhausting just to fight, and not give up!

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. I think it’s just so good to read these posts because it affirms the reality of the affects of trauma. Sometimes these things get attributed to other conditions and that makes it more difficult to heal in my experience.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this cmartzloff. I absolutely agree with you. The effects of trauma are profound, all-pervasive and impact us for years. That is the reality! Unless we can see and acknowledge that, it is very hard to heal.


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