Let me Introduce you to my Badass Bodyguard

“She threw away all of her masks, and put on her soul.”

The comedian Duncan Trussel has been quoted as saying that when you first meet him, you meet his bodyguard. And I think this is true for many of us.

My personal bodyguard is very pleasant and warm. She’ll show an interest in you, and she’s laid back and calm. She doesn’t crack at all if you insult or attack her. My body guard makes sure that these never penetrate.

But beneath that glistening armour there’s a very human person who’s sensitive, and kind, and who wants relationships. Sometimes she’s a real mess. She can get insecure and anxious. She also gets impatient, and can even be demanding.

But she can be forgiving, and she’ll find the best in you. And when she’s beaten down, she’ll bounce back, and try again. She’ll look hard in the mirror … then she’ll tell her bodyguard that: “We’re an awesome team” and “Together, we can do this”.

Also … my bodyguard reminds me to maintain a sense of humour. To love the true, real me who is there, beneath the layers. And to let that self peep through when she says it’s safe to do so … To throw away the mask, to connect, and just be real.   

So that’s my bodyguard … She’s my guardian and protector.

Do you have a bodyguard who looks out for you, too?       

9 thoughts on “Let me Introduce you to my Badass Bodyguard

  1. “To throw away the mask, to connect, and just be real.” Yes! Being a middle child, I’ve found I dislike doing almost anything alone. Yet the truth is, if we are friends with God, we always have company! “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5.

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  2. I love the quote! And I also like the idea of a bodyguard. I think my bodyguard is similar to yours 😀😉 it use to be very cool calm and fierce but she has learned to be more collected in quietly drawing the line in the sand these days.


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