11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Revenge and happiness

    Those two words do not go together in my world

    I do entertain revenge though

    It has violence and retribution but no happiness..

    I try to let revenge go or I suffer

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    • Hahaha … It’s not meant literally, Marty; it’s poetic. It simply means: “The best thing you can do for yourself in this situation isn’t something bad; it’s something good. Don’t let yourself become bitter. Pursue happiness and fulfillment”.

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      • Oh I know

        Poems seem Lise their meaning in the midst of trauma

        But your response made me laugh

        It’s the difference between girls and boys

        Aloha boys want real revenge

        Happiness is not even a consideration

        I can not even get to forgiveness

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      • My thoughts are different than normal people, as a little boy my father terrorized me

        Fear never left my mind, hopeless fear from an angry giant

        violent Physical abuse reinforced my fear

        I am not bitter

        I am depressive looking back at the pain endured

        This life now at 70, looking back has been filled with pain and violence

        Forgiveness is hard

        I try to stay alive and in the present moment

        Like many of my followers’ life does not bring joy it is a dangerous minefield

        How can I describe the danger my life created in childhood

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