Just Let It Go?

I think the advice to “just let go” is some of the most useless advice out there.

For if it was that easy, we would all “just let it go”.  

But “just let it go” is an impossibility.

For pain that goes down deep cannot simply be erased.

The wounds don’t heal themselves. It’s going to take a lot of work.

So we stay with the process.

And we let ourselves feel.

We let the waves build, and then crash on the shore.  

We go through this cycle again and again … until all the poison has been cleansed and washed away

For that is the only way to finally be free

Letting go will take time.

It doesn’t happen easily.

The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” – Steve Maraboli

15 thoughts on “Just Let It Go?

  1. Yes, this is exactly what I tried explaining to someone who told me to “just let it go.” If I could flip the switch to the off position, it is stuck on the on position.


  2. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    One of the sayings I hate most is “Let go, let god”, like you can just let go of all your problems & “god” will solve them. That’s just not how things work. If it was that easy, we’d all be well-balanced & serene all the time … but it’s not that easy. Nothing worth it is.

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  3. “And we let ourselves feel.

    We let the waves build, and then crash on the shore.” yes this is so true! And so difficult as well but worth every effort. I remember sitting on the bathroom floor allowing the waves build and crash the first time I ever put this into practice. A painful process. I always say to myself “I have to live through the waves ” in order to be free. Bless you for your words of wisdom ❤️

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