Hello Darkness my Old Friend

Life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Some days are hard. They are really, really hard.

And despite what we read in the quotes – and on some blogs – you can’t always get what you ‘go for’ in the end.

And that is life.

That is reality.

Not that I don’t believe in hope and optimism, in believing in yourself, and in doing all you can. I believe in those things. I am usually positive. It is worth the work and effort. It is worth not giving up.

But on those bleak or darker days when things aren’t working out, or we get some chilling news, or we feel ‘it’s all too much’, perhaps we’ll find it helps if we ‘tell it like it is’. If we’re honest with ourselves about how we really feel.

For that is the beginning of genuine self-care.

It is showing self respect when we say that we feel hurt. Or we don’t have the reserves, or we’ve lost the will to fight. That we’ve done our very best … and it still wasn’t enough. That we’re fed up, and depressed. That we find it hard to hope.

So, perhaps, you need to offer yourself some true self care. And admit that it is tough to be where you are right now. To give yourself a hug. To be gentle with yourself. To give yourself a break. And to show yourself self-love.

“Things I know about healing: speaking kindly to yourself helps a lot.”


16 thoughts on “Hello Darkness my Old Friend

  1. These are great thoughts about life’s ebb and flow. Some days just aren’t good for surfing–metaphorically or otherwise. And this is OK. And you’re going to be OK. That last sentence was me talking to myself–and anyone else who needs to hear it.😊

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