Grief Journaling Prompts

There are losses that rearrange the world. Deaths that change the way you see everything. Grief that tears everything down. Pain that transports you to an entirely different universe, even while everyone else thinks nothing has really changed.” – Megan Devine

Grief and loss come in a multitude of forms. It may be the death of a person you have loved. The end of a meaningful relationship, for you. The loss of a job or the end of a career. A tragic accident or receiving shocking news.

Whatever kind of loss you are grieving for right now, it can help to be real and to process how you feel.

The questions below might help you with this:

1. What losses am I grieving? Who am I grieving for?

2. What is the most difficult time of day, for me?

3. Where in my body do I hold the grief? What does it feel like?

4. What kinds of things are triggers for my grief? How do I react when I’m triggered? How does this leave me feeling?

5. When I look back on the time before the loss, what are some of my happiest memories?

6. What is the most difficult thing about living in the present, with grief and loss?

7. Who do I have in my support system? How genuinely supportive is my support system?

8. What I wish others would say to me …?

9. My greatest regret is …? I wish I could forgive myself for ….?

10. Things that are helping me in the present are …?

11. How can I honour myself in this time?

12. For me, moving on will look like …?

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