Bearing Witness

“There is in life a suffering so unspeakable, a vulnerability so extreme, that it goes far beyond words. In the face of suffering all we can do is bear witness so no one needs to suffer alone.” –  Rachel Remen

Sometimes it’s impossible to put into words what we have experienced. What we have gone through. Words can’t capture it. They seem inadequate.

And yet there is this pressure to articulate, to share – what can’t be said or spoken.

The impact’s too profound.

We’re spaced out. And we reeling. We’ve lost all contact with time.

But what we need is human contact. Someone there, to be with us. To sit with us in silence. To witness all that pain.

We don’t need words, and answers. We don’t need trite advice.

We need the gift of presence.

And that will be enough.


17 thoughts on “Bearing Witness

  1. I agree with this part

    There is in life a suffering so unspeakable, a vulnerability so extreme, that it goes far beyond words

    Human contact sharing my story does not turn out well

    In kundalini yoga they talked about the gift inside the grief of loss

    I lost intimacy, trust, need for attachment,

    Is that my gift

    The damage is hardly a gift in my life

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  2. “…the gift inside the grief of loss”

    I am no expert… and far be it for me to rid one of a pain extreme… however, I would posit a guess that the statement is Spiritual in nature… for within the grief of loss, is the realization that the quickening of life is still with us… and where there is life… there is hope… and hope is a gift that even the condemned can cling to…

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    • Beautiful. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult and isolating that must be. Thank you for your continued inspiration, as a Christ follower. I appreciate your posts ❤️


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