Quote of the Day

When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit in the dark with you.”

We all need people who will do this for us; but it’s not an easy thing to do at all.

Why? Because others’ pain reminds us of our own.

So not everyone you know can be there for you.

But I hope you find someone who will offer you that gift

Who will help to bear the burden so you don’t feel so alone.

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. This a wonderful reminder that being there for others may sometimes take us outside our comfort zone. When someone else’s trauma makes me uncomfortable, it helps for me to remember those who went outside their comfort zone for me.

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  2. I believe I’ve been “spoiled” as a believer, possibly because I tend to put unpleasant experiences out of my mind unless I’ve learned something from them. When I see someone suffering, it reminds me of how good God has been to me, and in that regard, the least I can do is be there for the person who’s not in such a happy place. I may not know first-hand what they’re going through, but I can listen if they need to vent or be a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes it helps to point out the “bright side,” but most of the time it’s better to be silently supportive (and silently praying) until they see it themselves.

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    • Seeing another’s suffering and coming alongside them is actually quite rare. I am grateful for the brothers and sisters who have done that for me, and I’m so glad you have done that for people in your life. Yes, we’re all expected to carry our own load but sometimes we need burden bearers too … However that looks … Even just eye contact, a hand on the shoulder, or a squeeze of the hand ❤️


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