Make Today a Beautiful Day

“Make today a beautiful day. A beautiful day that you’ve created just for you.” 

Today …

Take a few moments to quieten your heart, and to remind yourself again that it’s good to be alive. And to remind yourself, again, that there’s a place down deep inside where you’re grounded, calm and settled. Where you know just who you are.

And then go out from that place into the rest of your day, making sure that you make space for the people you love most. Give your kids a longer hug. Send a message to a friend. Play a song that’s filled with memories, and reminds you of good times.

And perhaps you’ll read some pages from a book that you’re enjoying, or you’ll spend some extra seconds soaking up the winter sun. Or you’ll watch the silent snowflakes falling gently to the ground, or you’ll sit out on the porch and watch the sunset fill the sky.   

Yes, I’m sure you’ll find some magic in these ordinary moments – these beautiful, inconsequential, simple, precious moments.

Then, as your head rests on your pillow, say a prayer of thankfulness for the things that turned this day into a very special day.    

“The time to be happy is now.”


16 thoughts on “Make Today a Beautiful Day

  1. Really really important message thank you. I think it’s the single most significant thing we can do, and I believe that the happiness is always sitting there waiting for us 😘

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