Beautiful has Nothing to do with Looks

“Beautiful has nothing to do with looks. It’s who you are as a person, and how you make people feel about themselves.”

Today is Remembrance Day: a sad and painful day for so many people as they think about the losses they’ve experienced due to war.

Some people were maimed, and some were scarred and changed forever by things they heard and saw, by the traumatic memories.

And in the last two months, I’ve experienced loss as well. I’ve lost two family members who had meant a lot to me. And I’m sure that you’ve lost people, friends and family that you loved. Their death has left a void, a space that no-one else can fill.

And when we think about these people, we don’t think about their looks – for we all know, in the end, that kind of beauty’s just skin deep.

But the beauty that endures is their personality. The way they treated others, and the way they made you feel.

Did you feel peaceful around them?

Did they make you laugh and smile?

Were they caring, kind and thoughtful?

Did they love you “as you are”?   

It’s these kinds of attributes that leave a lasting memory of someone who was precious, and who left their mark on us.

Yes, it’s true, external beauty may turn heads initially … but deeper inner beauty is what leaves a legacy.  

16 thoughts on “Beautiful has Nothing to do with Looks

  1. So true. Physical beauty fades, but the inner beauty that comes from God does not. My condolences on the loss of two of your loved ones. I have experienced such losses myself, and know well the void they create. However, knowing these precious ones are in heaven, still cheering me on, encourages me to keep going with the plans God has for me.

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  2. I am so sorry for your losses.. Remembrance day was on my mind earlier in the week but sadly yesterday went by and it slipped under the radar with me.. . We can always draw comfort from the gift of those who we got to share precious unreplaceable moments with. I hope these bring you comfort.

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