Quote of the Day

“Soon, when all is going well, you’re going to look back on this period of your life and be glad you never gave up.”

When we’re in the midst of awful, desperate times it can be so easy to lose our motivation.

The struggle can feel endless. Unrelenting. Too ferocious.

And when the war drags on, and doesn’t let up for a moment, it’s understandable that we lose the will to fight.

But when we look back through the years, and we reflect on those dark times – the times when it was hard to see how we could make it through …

We see we did make progress.

And the ground shifted and moved.

For we’re not in the same place.

Something within us really changed.

Do not lose hope. Please believe there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you.”

16 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

    • I agree. It’s often when we’re supporting others that we see how far we’ve come. It doesn’t always feel that way – but we do make progress, and we do change. You’re brother is so lucky to have you there supporting him 🙂

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  1. I am near the end of a huge medical storm in my life. One that shocked me because it could have laid me up for good. My kidney doctor told me the battle is not over. And I really do know that because I am 74 with a heart condition and now a tube in my kidney with a bag outside my body to drain my kidney. I think I will mend but it will take a while and things will never be the same because my other kidney does not work and the good one only works 30 percent. But I have great peace in my heart concerning this because as I have aged I expect some parts of my body to age too, to the point they could take my life. This is not my forever body, praise God but I will get one someday when my time comes. I am at the stage of life that my health is really three steps forward and two steps back and resting on that third step Jesus paid for. REally good post, need to read it. Thanks.

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    • Gosh, you have been through so much. I’m really sorry. I’m glad too that these are not our forever bodies …. but it sounds like things are tough. It’s not easy when our bodies fail and no longer function as they are meant to function. Thinking of you. (And thanks for the kind comment!)


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