Quote of the Day

“I pray you heal from all the things no-one ever apologized for.”

We all carry hurts and wounds from our past.

And some of these wounds are very deep and painful.

Damage it is hard to recover from.

My prayer for you is that you find the help you need to heal from these wounds, so your heart can be free.

Even if you never get the answers you need.

Even if they don’t take responsibility.

Even if they don’t, or won’t, apologize to you.

I pray that you will heal, and you will laugh and live again. 

13 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      • Thanks. That means a lot. Today, I am going to apologize to myself…for being so hard. Take responsibility for me. I so appreciate your posts. 😊


      • Right? Where it all begins and ends within ourselves. Waiting for someone else to have compassion for us…when they too are suffering and also in need of self-kindness? Let them go and hope they find their own forgiveness too. And suddenly I feel so much lighter not carrying their burden anymore…and more compassionate. They hurt too. Somebody didn’t apologize to them.

        But today I will focus on my own healing…and see how the day unfolds. Wishing you joy as well! 💓

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  1. I was at a women’s conference some years ago, and at one point, in the midst of all the female speakers, a man came up to the podium. He gave an eloquent apology on behalf of the men who had wounded any of these women, and we joined in a prayer for healing. Many of these women had never received any apology from the perpetrators. I remember seeing a lot of tears that day, a sign that the apology (healing) was finally being received. It was a moment that was much talked about long after the weekend was over.

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