Quote of the Day

PTSD: It’s not the person refusing to let go of the past, but the past refusing to let go of the person.”

Said the husband who had cheated on his wife for 15 years …

– “Is it really going to be like this until the day I die?”

– “Are we never going to have the normal life we used to have?”

– “I feel I can’t behave the same as everybody else … and I really want to act the same as everybody else.”

– “I really thought by now you would have healed, and then moved on.”

– “I never, ever thought that it was going to take this long.”

– “I’m angry that I can’t say ‘yes’ to things I’d like to do (because I’m never sure if it is going to trigger you.)”

“This feels like a life sentence, one I never can escape … I’m pulled back to the past when you are triggered, and react.’

But the problem is his partner now has PTSD – because her world’s been torn apart by all the things HE did.

When she learned of the betrayals, and the secrets and the lies. When she learned that he’d infected her with STDs as well.

Yes, she’d like to move on too; she’d never choose this for herself. But the problem is his actions have destroyed her normal life.

She’d love to snap her fingers and return to how things were …

But that is just a fantasy when you’ve been traumatized.  


15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Thanks for sharing this honest and genuine quote. Each day, my mother steps just a bit more into the light of the renewed life she now lives. The darkness will never completely leave her memories so occasional days or nights remain more challenging than others.

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