Will this Pain Ever Go Away?

“If the pain was deep, you will have to let go many times.” Yung Pueblo

We often feel surprised by how long the pain lasts. By the fact that we’re not free – even years after the trauma.

There are no easy answers.

There is no magic bullet.

The memory is ingrained and it doesn’t go away.

Letting go is a process we repeat a million times.

Every time it helps a little. Just a little – not a lot.

It’s a hard reality. A truth we’d rather not embrace.

But we are making some progress, every time we let it go.

11 thoughts on “Will this Pain Ever Go Away?

  1. Two steps forward and one step back is still progress. I find it helpful to celebrate the victories—no matter how small. For instance, I was able to encourage someone yesterday who is dealing with some recent life trauma. This person told me something that reminded me of how I felt when my wounds were fresh. They feel shame at having been a doormat to someone else. I was able to empathize with them, but then shared how God has repurposed me from doormat to door man.

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