Signs that You’re Starting to Heal from Trauma

Trauma changes us dramatically.

You can’t blot out the memories, and erase all the scars when you’ve experienced trauma, and it’s left its mark on you.

You come to terms with it. And you learn to live with it.

And there are times when we don’t recognize ourselves. The journey is so long, and so very hard.

Yet, we can make progress; and we can start to heal. Below is a list of encouraging signs that indicate you’re slowly starting to heal:

1. You’re more aware of your triggers, and you know that you’re better at managing them now. Although they cause distress, you don’t dread them quite as much.

2. You know that that your reactions are not life-threatening. They follow a set pattern; they’ve become predictable.

3. You know that these will ease and abate eventually. You just need to be patient, and feel the different feelings.

4. You can ground yourself, and return to the present more quickly and easily today.

5. You’ve been noticing you’re triggered less frequently as well and, often, your reactions are a lot less intense.

6. Your old feelings of shame and embarrassment are also less intense, and they’re less frequent visitors.

7. You feel less stuck than you used to feel.

8. You show yourself self-kindness and self-compassion when you feel as if you’re starting to be triggered again.

9. Your feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and confidence are slowly returning to the way they were normal … although they are still lower that they used to be.

10. You’re better able to experience more positive emotions, and are starting to imagine a future that is good.

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