I Promise …

“I have taken a vow to love myself, in good times and bad.” Stacie Martin

This is one of the most important vows you will ever make in life.

Don’t lose sight of it when things are tough. Or when the old tapes start playing in your head.

Remember to always love and cherish yourself.

Remember to be kind, and to cut yourself some slack.

Remember to listen to that faltering inner voice that wants to be heard, and be taken seriously.

There’s always a reason why we feel the way we feel, why we think the things we think, and react the way we do.

Don’t attack, or shame yourself. Don’t reject, or hate yourself.

Remember your vow. Choose to always love yourself.       

21 thoughts on “I Promise …

  1. Oh, how I wish I picked up this philosophy earlier in my life. Your message here is so important. It can be a really difficult transition paradoxically, or at least it has been for me. But it is so worth it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. ❤️


  2. As a child, when I was being too hard on myself, my father would say, “ Son, if you were a professional you’d be on television.” I think this was his way of saying, “Don’t take yourself so seriously.” Every living person manages thoughts and feelings (both positive and negative) on a daily basis. I try to let them naturally come and go, like clouds in the sky.

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