Can’t Say; Won’t Say

“Sometimes you just have to stay silent because words can’t express what you’re going through.

And that’s OK.”

There are times when words are inadequate.

How do you sum up what you’re going through?

There are so many losses. The grief extends so far.

The pain is so profound. And it goes on for so long.

There are unexpected triggers. There are ripples everywhere.

It’s unsightly, and it’s messy.

There is no way to describe it.

And there’s no way you can fit it into some tidy box.

So there’s no point even trying. It’s a force unto itself.

You just have to push on through it.

Keep on going.  Step by step.  

It is too hard to explain things.

Words are useless anyway!

12 thoughts on “Can’t Say; Won’t Say

  1. Ann… I’ve been ‘away’ from my website for a few weeks. Partly because I was working on a big project, but also because my father-in-law passed in the middle of that other thing. I’ve written an article about him, but can’t bring myself to share it … yet. As I read through all your posts from the last few weeks, I just knew there would be something that would cheer me up, or make me realize I am where I need to be. I’ll be visiting my MIL later this week and gathering photos. Maybe then I’ll be able to share his passing publicly. Thanks again Ann for all your kind and inspiring words.

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    • I’d be interested to hear what your big project is. It all sounds very intriguing!!!
      I’m really sorry about your Father-in-law’s passing. What a hole that leaves in the family. It’s very hard to work through such a deep loss. I wish we never had to deal with death and loss …
      One of the things that helped me, personally, was realizing the person would always be there in my memories and heart. They may not be physically present anymore but we never lose the love we have for them, and we never lose the precious memories. I guess gathering and sharing the photographs will be a reminder of that. Thinking of you and your family, and especially your mother-in-law..
      Also, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. And thank you for all you do through your blog and facebook page, too 🙂

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      • Thank you Ann. You really are such a kind soul. I am so glad we have connected. Your words have deeply touched me. Blessings to you.

        For my project, I was hosting the District 42 Toastmasters Conference for all of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. It was about 500 attendees over an 8 hour day.

        It took me about two weeks to prep – write the scripts, get the introductions organized, organize my team, etc. I also filmed two promos – one skiing at Lake Louise, and another one rock climbing at White Buddha. Then it was about a week of practicing, getting costumes together, and other last minute stuff. My internet was having troubles, so I had to move into a friend’s house (she works away from home). All very exciting, but it took it out of me. Things like that get easier with practice, but it was my first time so everything was new and hard. Next time I’ll enjoy it more 🙂

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  2. Well for me it’s usually quite difficult to put on words what I feel although I’ve tried to learn it. I’m much more better to write. Opening up could be sometimes good and talking is more useful than writing in life so I wish I could still learn to talk…but this was relieving post for me. If I don’t always know what to say, it’s ok too…

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    • It’s absolutely ok to not know what to say. There are somethings that are just to painful and complicated to put into words. It’s great that you are able to express yourself through writing, and through your blog. That can be very healing… as well as being a medium for helping others.

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