The Journey Through Grief


“Grief…is a sneaky thing, because it can disappear for a long time, and then pops back up when you least expect it.” – Lemony Snicket

I wonder if this has been your experience?

You think you’re moving on. Life is on an even keel. You’ve done a lot of work, and the trauma is receding. The nights are so much better. You’re not triggered quite as much. Sometimes you feel you’re normal. What an unexpected thing!

And then you hit some roadblock, and you’re right back at square one. You’re living in some time warp where the trauma feels so real. Now all the buried memories are resurfacing again. You thought this was behind you. Will you never, ever heal?

This happens to us all. There are many layers to grieving. We often do not realize the extent of all that damage.

But every time this happens, and we give ourselves permission to mourn and grieve our losses, we will heal a little more.

So do not be discouraged. Just stay with it. Feel the feelings. Your mind knows what it’s doing. You can trust the healing process.     

And one day you’ll look back, and you’ll see that things are different. The past has lost its power – though the memories still remain.  

25 thoughts on “The Journey Through Grief

  1. So true. Healing from trauma takes time and the process can be discouraging. I have had those horrible memories sneak up on me, but with the help of a therapist I am learning to manage the triggers. It is slowly getting better.

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    • It’s really horrible when the memories hit us unexpectedly, when everything is good and we’re feeling happy. It really IS discouraging. I’m glad those occasions get fewer as time goes on, and we process more of the trauma. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.

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  2. From my own journey, I can relate to your discussion. For my mother at age 83, she will be dealing with the loss of my stepfather for some time to come. I hope her remaining time will offer her opportunities to mend some of the holes in her hopes and dreams.

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