Find the Good

I came across a story in a book recently where the author was asked for some wisdom to live by. As an obituary writer, she has learned quite a lot about really matters when you look back on a life.

All of us have made some bad mistakes along the way. And some of those mistakes have been really serious. The ripples of our choices can extend so very far.

But one thing she has noticed – despite the hand we’re dealt, and despite the pain and heartaches we all face in different ways – is it’s nearly always possible to find the good. There is always something positive among the negatives

Of course … we may need to dig deep, and it may take quite a while, to get a fresh perspective on traumatic life events.

It takes a lot of work to find the diamonds in the coal.

But, still, it can be possible to find some beauty there.

Something to Think About

If you were on your death bed, and were asked to give advice – or create a pithy haiku – as you left this world behind, I wonder what your final words would be?

The author in the book decided on a single phrase. The wisdom she’d pass on can be summed in these words … Simply stated it is: “Find the good.”

In all the pain and suffering, and the challenges we face, perhaps this is enough. Perhaps this helps us to live well.

So what do you think your haiku might be? I’d love to hear from you!      

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