Your Now is Not your Forever

You look at your life – and all you see are broken pieces.

Shattered shards and splinters.

Jagged glass that makes you bleed

The impact of what happened keeps on cutting you anew.  

You relive all the memories.

All the trauma you’ve been through.

But … this needn’t be your life.

You needn’t feel like this forever.

You won’t always be broken.

Or consumed by endless pain.

The pieces and the shards can create something beautiful.

This life is still your life.

This trauma’s not your destiny.

So gather up the fragments.

Hold them tightly to your heart.

Release them to the future.

And believe you’ll rise again.  

Your story’s not yet written.

There are chapters yet untold.

Hold on to hope; believe it.

Claim your life.

You can be free.

21 thoughts on “Your Now is Not your Forever

  1. It’s super easy for someone who’s dealing with trauma to feel they will never be “normal” again. It is true: what happened can’t be undone, but our lives are seldom ruined by one event. The big picture says that life trauma is like a bad storm. After it passes, we pick up the pieces and get back to living. If the pieces fall apart, we pick them up again. If you’re still alive it’s not too late. Blessings.

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    • Yes, you are so right. That’s exactly how we feel … as if we’ll never be normal again. But, as you emphasize, it isn’t the whole of life, even if it feels like it is at the time.
      And we can keep on picking up the pieces, even if something happens and they fall apart again. Thanks for reading and commenting David.

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      • The practice one gets from “keeping on picking up the pieces and putting them back together again,” helps us learn to do so on autopilot. Everyone has trauma in life, just different types. The key is to not react in unhealthy ways. Just pick up the pieces; put them back together, and move on. Leave it in the past, and live in the present moment. Live and appreciate whatever comes after . . . .

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  2. Words have power, and that power can provide the fuel to change, and give one the permission to keep marching forward…one step and one day at a time! Words, self-talk, spoken or just thoughts, help to create the language that connects us to our authentic selves and others, and when we do, we find that we are not alone…ever. So, ‘don’t lose hope’….ever.

    Wonderful post!

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  3. A powerful poem, and well-written! Each time we pick up the pieces and put it back together again, we peel back another layer until one day, we are finally back to the original event. Once we have picked up those pieces and put them back together again, they no longer have they power over us they have had. Now, they become the power in us to move forward and to share. Blessings!


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