The Reality of Grief

Here’s what I most want you to know: this really is as bad as you think.

No matter what anyone else says, this sucks.

What has happened cannot be made right. What is lost, cannot be restored.

Acknowledgement is everything. You’re in pain. It can’t be made better.

There is pain in this world you can’t be cheered out of.

You don’t need solutions. You don’t need to move on from your grief.

You need someone to see your grief, to acknowledge it.

You need someone to hold your hand while you stand there in blinking horror, staring at the hole that was your life.

Some things cannot be fixed.

They can only be carried.”

—Megan Devine

Someone needs to hear this today.

There are some things in life that can never be restored. There are some things in life that can never be put right.

Sometimes we just need to call a spade a spade – for it really doesn’t help to minimize the shock and pain.

The facts are the facts, and that’s reality.

If only people ‘got that’, it would really, really help.

Your world’s been blown apart, and things can never be the same.

Of course you’re traumatized. This awful nightmare is your life.

17 thoughts on “The Reality of Grief

  1. “Some things cannot be fixed.
    They can only be carried.”

    And each person carries the effects of trauma or grief in their own way.

    “Fixing” someone who is in the throes of a painful life event is like trying to stop the wind.

    The wind will eventually ease on its own. The best thing is to encircle someone who suffers with love and prayer.

    Think wind break, not block.

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  2. Wise and true words. We must be where we are in our process, and accepting the many painful aspects is highly important and eventually healing. It takes time to acclimate to the new reality of a changed and (in many ways) emptier world. It’s not easy. But necessary, I think. Sending you lots of care.

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