Quote of the Day: Your Trauma is Valid


Your trauma is valid.

Even if other people have experienced “worse”.

Even if someone else who went through the same experience doesn’t feel debilitated by it.

Even if it “could have been avoided”.

Even if it happened a long time ago.

Even if no one knows.

Your trauma is real and valid and you deserve a space to talk about it.

It isn’t desperate or pathetic or attention-seeking.

It’s self-care.

It’s inconceivably brave.

And regardless of the magnitude of your struggle, you’re allowed to take care of yourself by processing and unloading some of the pain you carry.

Your pain matters.

Your experience matters.

And your healing matters.”

— Daniell Koepke

Please believe it. Take these words to heart.

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Your Trauma is Valid

  1. Thank you for this post. Someone had to sit me down an explicitly say this to me. over and over and over again. I still struggle with this. But I have one person in my life that has been able to listen and help me give my trauma and experience a voice. This person changed my life.

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    • For many of us, those can be difficult words to truly take to heart. I’m not surprised you still struggle in this area; many of us do. What a beautiful friend to have … You are truly blessed. She/ he sounds like they genuinely care for you 🙂

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  2. Oh, thank you for posting this! And I so agree with every word! There are so many who need to read this and to know that it’s okay to not be okay, that their pain is valid, and to get it off their chest! ❤


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