Signs that you’re Starting to Heal from Trauma

Signs that you’re starting to heal include:

1. You’re not living in denial. You are able to acknowledge that you’ve been through something shocking. Something really devastating. Something that has turned your whole world upside down.

2. You have faced, and are now working through, the negative emotions – all the terrible, disturbing and distressing emotions.

3. At some point in the past you admitted to yourself that this was way too big for you to handle on your own. Hence, you’ve reached out for support from safe, understanding people.

4. You’re aware of the effects that the trauma has had on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Thus, you’ve been consciously addressing, and caring for, your health.

5. You’ve been putting healthy boundaries around your life. You know that you have limits, and you must protect yourself.

6. You’ve been nurturing, and loving, and caring for yourself. You have balanced expectations, and don’t demand too much.

7. You’re OK with the fact that your healing ebbs and flows. You know you might go backwards, or plateau from time to time. But it’s all part of the journey – and you’ve learned to live with it.

8. You know that you’re resilient; so much stronger than you thought And you know you’re not alone, even when you feel alone. You know that other people have experienced similar things. This knowledge gives you courage, and it helps you persevere .

Your healing is about you. It doesn’t need a stamp of approval. Don’t worry about how long it takes, or how ugly it seems. It’s about you, and what you deserve.

18 thoughts on “Signs that you’re Starting to Heal from Trauma

  1. Traumatic issues are very much work in progress to start with until you can finally see the whole scenario without feeling pain and anger. Then you can let go of that part. It all takes time it is not something you can say it is finished because another part will present itself. Each step is stronger and more ability to deal with the past and the now.


  2. Wonderful post, DLH. You nailed it. The steps, and the ebbs and flows. For sure. I accept this will be with me, a work in progress, for the rest of my days. Of course there is so much good, so much I am incredibly thankful for. But, as Brian says, there are some parts that will never be clean and tidy ever again. Leaning into the good. I found that part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to be so helpful on my journey.

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