Hello Self. I’ve Missed You.

You are standing in the answer.

It is when you start to lose yourself that you start to look for yourself in other people … other things.

But there is a place and a time in your life that link you to the person you were before all the chaos.

All the pain. All the heartache.

Before you looked in the mirror and judged the reflection looking back at you.

Find this place.

Go back to this place.

Because, in this place, you knew exactly who you were.

You just got a little lost.”

– April Green

But how do you get back to that place again? How do you find yourself again?

Here are four suggestions:

1. Stay with the feelings that took you to that dark place. Let them speak to you. Let them tell you what you’ve lost. Let them tell you what you deserved. What you had hoped for. What you had wanted. This can bring you back in touch with your intuition. With the centre of your being. With yourself.

2. Trust yourself with the process and your journey. You have to consciously make space to listen to your inner voice. To the voice that’s being drowned out by the voices all around you. By the voices that would tell you that nothing will work out. These are toxic lies. Don’t listen to them. You can trust your soul. Listen to your highest self.

3. Practice self-compassion; don’t attack yourself. We can’t trust ourselves if we don’t think we are safe. That is, if we know that we will shame and be mean to ourselves then we simply won’t be able to let down our guard. We’ll be functioning in self-preservation mode. Thus, we need to be convinced, deep inside, that we accept and love ourselves – just as we are.  

4. Think of all that made you happy before life fell apart. What kinds of things would make you come alive? What brought you joy and happiness? What got you excited, or left you energized? This is your true, authentic. That self is still there. It’s just be dormant for a while. You can find yourself again one small step at a time.   

22 thoughts on “Hello Self. I’ve Missed You.

  1. Yes, I love that quote too. It’s so very powerful. And thank you so much for that kind comment. The blog has served its purpose if you found something helpful! Thank you for sharing your personal experience on your blog. I especially love your poetry 💕


  2. I love this! Again, I’m a broken record (sorry), this reminds me of my Jace and something he would post and practice. Even through his darkest times, he still wanted to better himself and find ways to overcome what lead him there. I wish so much he were here to appreciate this post. 💛

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