Quote of the Day

When you convince yourself that it is okay for someone to decide who you are, you open the floodgates to powerlessness and worthlessness.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Don’t do that. Don’t let anyone else determine your value and worth.

10 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Powerful message. As a survivor, I do confess, this mindset has been the “Achilles heel” in my own journey: –> Thinking others knew more about me than I or God did. This quote says it all. This does render us powerless. Self-understanding/ knowledge of our self, empowers.

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    • The false beliefs we pick up from these experiences are extremely powerful. They get to our core! But as you say, they can and should be thrown off – even though it’s hard and takes time! I’m so glad you have hung in there and are a true survivor.

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  2. Yes, extremely powerful, especially if laid into our minds and ways of relating from infancy up. These become ingrained guidelines which lead us to more pain, over and over again. The hard work to know & understand oneself is worth it, bringing joy of living.
    I am glad too that I hung in there by the Grace of God and am not only survivor but am thriving. Thank you
    : )


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