Let It Be

“The only cure for grief is to grieve.”

We don’t just put it behind us and move on.  We don’t just forget, and start over again.  

We know that doesn’t work. That it’s just a fantasy.

That’s not how trauma, or grief, or sadness work.

They are all part of your story.  They are part of who you are.

Those memories and events: they will always be with you.

So you need to accept them.

And welcome them.

And make space for them.

You need to allow them to be true – whether you want them to be true, or not.

You need to allow them to be your reality.

Your life.  

You will never be able to stifle, or forget, or erase them completely.

So make room for them.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and broken, at least for this moment.

Allow yourself to feel all the intense, scary, overwhelming emotions.  

Allow yourself to ache, and mourn, and grieve.

For the truth is – you will be stronger because of it.

You will be freer because of it.

And one day you’ll discover it belongs to yesterday.

And your today, and tomorrow, are not defined by this.

14 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Oh so inspiring for me today! I am processing a ton of grief. It’s very painful in my body. Liked the reminder the memories will always be there and grieving doesnt change that it allows for less pain and suffering over time. It takes time.

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