Who Stole my Life?

What happens when you first learn that your partner has betrayed you?

When you learn he’s lied for years, and much of life is a deception?

You feel you’re going crazy while you try to figure out:

– What’s reality?

– What’s truth?

– What’s a half-truth?

– What’s just a smoke screen?

And that’s a tangled mess it takes forever to tease through.

You’re constantly on guard for now your day is full of landmines.

Your life’s becomes survival.

There are triggers everywhere.

You feel like you’re a hostage to the surges in emotion.

The sorrow, grief and terror, the anxiety and fear.      

You think back to the past, before you learned of the betrayal.

When life seemed calm and easy.


Quite mundane.

A contrast to today where you are always stressed and fearful.

Will this be the new normal? 

I don’t recognize my life!!!

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