Coping with Betrayal Trauma

1.  If you have experienced betrayal trauma, please be very patient and gentle with yourself. You need to practice self-compassion and good self-care. And you may need to withdraw from normal life for a while. Remember, it’s OK not to be OK.

2. Your PTSD symptoms and triggered reactions are symptoms of unhealed emotional memories. They do not mean that you’re crazy or you’re losing your mind. In fact, they’re normal responses to experiencing a trauma. Almost every betrayed woman experiences these symptoms. Your body and your mind are taking care of you. They are trying to protect you from being harmed again.

3. This does not – and should never – define who you are. Repeat that statement again to yourself.   

4. What your spouse or partner did has nothing to do with how lovable, attractive and desirable you are. It has nothing to do with you at all. Repeat that last sentence again to yourself.   

5. Although it feels like you’ve been hit or run over by a truck, and at times it’s very hard to make it through the day or night, believe you will recover. Don’t let this destroy your life.

6. You need to tell your story. All that pain needs to be witnessed. Don’t allow what has happened to become a festering a secret. However, be wise in your choice of confidant or counsellor as not everyone is going to understand or care. And not everyone is going to be there for you.

7. It takes time to heal. It is a long and painful process. There are no short-cuts. You need to feel all the emotions, and to grieve for all the losses (and there are so many losses).

8. The day will come when you feel more like who you were. That relaxed and carefree woman who had all those hopes and dreams. Yes, it’s true that this experience will leave some marks and scars. But one day you’ll reconnect with your true authentic self. That beautiful core self. The real woman who is you.

7 thoughts on “Coping with Betrayal Trauma

  1. At least I know I am on the road to recovery. Life is a journey, but this set back just wasnt neccessary. How can someone lie to u on a daily basis and think that’s ok. It’s odd mentally to understand I didnt know him at all……

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    • I know. It’s unbelievable and that’s what makes it so traumatic. You would never have done that yourself and it is beyond heartbreaking to think that someone you trusted so much would care so little about you. It feels like you are in a relationship with a stranger. I’m glad you are on the road to recovery – even if it is a long, slow road. Things do get better.


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