Making Number Two – or Number Ten – Number One

I am exhausted with trying to be stronger than I feel.”

Ever felt that way?

What do you do when you have to fight on, to put on a brave face, and pretend to the world that you’re happy and strong, and that life is going well?

We can do that for a while. We can smile, and act the part.

But eventually we crash. Our supply gets all used up.

So if you’re feeling this way now, pay attention to the signs.

Tell yourself you’re too worn out.  Way too tired to wear a mask.

Then withdraw for a while, and invest in yourself.

 It’s OK to feel weak, and to care for yourself.

20 thoughts on “Making Number Two – or Number Ten – Number One

  1. Good post, I often get into this state. You can only be strong in public for so long. At the moment that is twice a week. I loath going out because the Egyptians call me Corona women encourage their children to be rude whilst they hide behind their niqab. Withdrawing some self TLC is needed. I find healing naps useful. I ask for healing before taking a nap which means it will be a deeper sleep than normal. This is one thing the lockdown has made easier and that is not going out. It is possible to withdraw without being questioned and give yourself a chance to boost up your strength, resilience, and health.

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  2. I wore a mask for the longest time and it is exhausting. I won’t do it anymore. I’ve learned that eventually it can separate you from the origin of you feeling bad or uneasy. As a result you (me) feel bad without knowing what it is all about. You can reason some things away but the feeling will stay.


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