You are not Alone

Betrayal … The details of our stories might be different but the pain we experience is the same.”

Sometimes we feel so isolated and alone.

Cut off by our pain.

Left to cope, all on our own.

But always remember you are not alone.

It is true – your experience is personal and unique.

But we get what it is like, for we understand that pain.

We have walked the road you’re on.

We have stared into the night.

We have felt the walls close in.

We have cried out in despair.

We know exactly how it feels when your future disappears.

When the past is all torn up.

And your truth become a lie …

We are here, and we care.

Please believe you’re not alone.

Don’t give up. You are strong.

We are with you on the road.

13 thoughts on “You are not Alone

  1. This is so true. I have found amazing support here in the blogosphere from people whose betrayal stories are different from mine. The backstory and details are different, but the betrayal trauma is the same. We can all help each other.

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    • Thanks for the comment. It’s so true … It makes all the difference in the world to be supported by people who have gone through/ or are going through the same thing as us – especially when that life experience is totally devastating.

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  2. Whatever the particular brand of abuse, there are millions of us who have survived it. And God is always w/ us. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Ps. 34: 18). ❤

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