Living in an Age of Anxiety

Anxiety is an urgent, deafening thing. No matter how many logical reasons you have to remain happy or positive, when it is present, you can hear nothing else.”

– Beau Taplin

Overwhelming feelings of anxiety are a normal response to being betrayed.

Out of the blue, it grips your heart. Time is suspended. You’re frozen to the spot.

You can’t think straight for your mind is in a fog. The adrenalin is racing, and you find it hard to breathe.

All the “what if” situations are racing through your mind. Catastrophic situations that would blow your world apart.

“I wonder if he’s lying? Is he lying to me now?”

“Is there more than he has told me? Will I ever know the truth?”

“Will I ever really know him?”

“Will he ever really change?”

“Is this one big delusion?”

“Was I stupid to have stayed?”

Once again you’re panic stricken, and you can’t just shrug it off. You had trusted him completely. Look where trusting him has led …..

And you know that he could do it. He could gaslight you again. He’s an expert in deception. He could hide the truth – for sure.

Round and round, you go in circles. Fear is rushing through your mind. Cutting out deep grooves and channels.

This anxiety is hell.   

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