Quote of the Day

forgive yourself

This is why it came as such a shock:

He was hiding secrets from you.

Little secrets you never knew.

Little secrets that grew and grew.

Little secrets that became big lies.

A web of deception that took over his life.

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. So very true. What at first was most likely difficult for him to stomach, and of course he would never do it again, became habit… a lifestyle. As if my feelings somehow became less significant, because I was never going to find out anyway.

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    • Yes … we kid ourselves that it won’t have any effect on ourselves or others. Such a lie. Instead we become entangled and trapped, and we ruin our life and our partner’s life. Secrets are dangerous.


  2. yes, its all about that confidence they have about not being 100% honest and open with the other party. They think that they need not share these information. But especially in a marriage these little secrets build up into castles and appear out of no where as a shock to the spouse they are married to.

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