The Knock on Effect of COVID-19

you have no idea how easy it is

I normally write for the spouses and partners of those who struggle with a sex addiction. However, I wanted to highlight a post that was shared this morning by Joshua Shea  It’s very realistic and practical.

Usually, an addiction first takes hold when we’re bored, at a loose end, when we’re feeling a bit down, or when we’re anxious about things. Hence, we’re looking for distractions that will help us pass the time … maybe lift our mood a bit … and take the edge off feeling blah.

So, with continents of people stuck at home and out of work, away from their routine, and cut off from all their friends, it is likely that more people will use pornography. I think we must accept that this will likely be the case. And it means a lot more people will become addicted, too.

Also, this doesn’t bode so well for people fighting the addiction. They’re in their homes alone, with powerful triggers everywhere. This is going to make the struggle very difficult for them.

Perhaps there’s little we can do. This situation is unique. But we need to be aware of the real dangers that exist. If you’re partner’s been addicted maybe talk this through with them. It’s much better to be honest and face this thing head on. It could make all the difference to your relationship.

13 thoughts on “The Knock on Effect of COVID-19

  1. I do agree with your post and especially with the communicating part. I think many people are being/feeling more lonely. We also have to deal with a huge extra stressor and communication is key to stay connected to ourselves and significant others.

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  2. I saw an article / ad? (and scrolled by quickly!!!) about how porn women (home-made videos?) and web cam prostitutes are making more money now since “shelter in place” — I didn’t read it b/c I don’t want to get triggered, but I saw the headline. Not surprised. Yes – communication is key.

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      • I don’t k ow if the number is increasing (this quickly) but their business / volume / profit has according to the headline. Yes – the women who are used and trafficked (and some may not realize that’s what’s happening to them at 1st???) really saddens me.

        If there’s demand, they fill the demand. SIGH

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  3. This is a great post! I completely agree 🙂. You know, I’ve found that having gone for a long period without porn once, it’s so much easier to do it again (for me). Unrelated to coronavirus, I’ve recently begun another long stretch (and hopefully indefinitely!).

    I will check out Joshua’s blog, thanks!

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  4. Excellent discussion! In times of darkness, many types of addictions are waiting in the shadows . . . pornography, alcohol, drugs, and others. Relationships are so important in these challenging times.

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